Turkey 5 October: Assos - Ezine

Another day in paradise

We started the day in Assos, an ancient city dating back to 1000-900 BC.

Assos was the home to Aristotle where he opened a teaching academy.

We ran from Assos to our first school.

Our first school in Behram actually had ruins of Assos in it's school yard.

Sravana entertained the children juggling.

Sravana and Svetlana demonstrated harmony by juggling togther.

Milan from Czech Republic passed out some fliers to let people know what we were doing.

Soon we were back on the road enjoying the dry farm land.

The students at Cankaya school gave us a very enthusiastic welcome.

The Mayor of Cankaya proudly held the torch.

The school director ran a couple of laps of the school yard much to the delight of the children.

Tea with the teaching staff.

We were grateful to receive hand knitted slippers.

Our final school was in Türkmenli.

The students stayed after school to participate in the Peace Run.

The school director was very grateful for our visit and was very encouraging of our school program.

Our final meeting was with the Mayor of Ezine.

It seemed like all the municipal staff came out to greet us.

Afterwards we celebrated with delicious ice cream.