Turkey 4 October: Geyikli - Assos

The Road to Assos

Our first school of the day is in Geyikli

Our day begins back on the mainland along the Çanakkale coast

Our second school is in Ulukoy

A slow motion reenactment of the 100 metre Olympic final

Today we ran through beautiful countryside and quaint villages

And we saw many tractors

Our third school is in Kösedere which is famous for its tomatoes - the best in Turkey some say

This school were very attentive and when we went quiet to contemplate Peace the silence was powerful

A big thank you to Leyla Demir - the head teacher at Kosedere Ortsokulu - for her warm welcome

There is always time for tea in Turkey

Every now and then we see some ruins - this was a temple dedicated to Apollo

An impromptu presentation at the local tea house in Gulpinar

Further up the street in Gulpinar some students at the boarding school await us with a large drum

Our Russian quartet perform the famous song "Kalinka". The translation of Kalinka:
Little red berry, red berry, red berry of mine!
In the garden (there is) a berry - little raspberry, raspberry of mine!
Ah, under the pine, the green one,
Lay me down to sleep,
Oh-swing, sway, Oh-swing, sway,
Lay me down to sleep.

Saying a silent prayer for Peace

The joy of running with the torch

Beautiful rural villages on the hillside

At 6.30pm, with the sun dropping speedily to the horizon, we finally reach our destination - Assos (Behramkale)

Who let the dogs out?