Turkey 3 October: Çanakkale - Bozcaada

On the road again

After 4 days in and around Çanakkale we were excited to get back on the road.

Our first school in Güzelyalı boasted a student population of 14.

They were very enthusiastic and took great delight in running with the torch.

We presented the students with origami peace birds which had been made by students in Russia.

Next we had a lot of fun running along quiet coastal roads while the van took the main road.

Our next school was in the village of Kumkale.

We performed some skits demonstrating how peace can be achieved through simple actions like being kind and loving to one another.

Again we presented the origami peace birds made by Russian children.

The school principal led the teachers around the playground in a lap of honour.

A pomegranate tree.

Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious lunch in this quiet village.

We ran by large tomato plantations.

A typical scene from the van as we waited for the runners.

Vlad from Ukraine finally gets in front of the camera rather than behind it where he spends most of his time.

In the villages we saw many tractors parked on the streets. The local farmers used their tractors to come into the village to have a social visit with their friends and a cup of tea as well as pick up supplies.

Our last school was in the village of Üvecik Köyü.

The school had six very interested and enthusiastic students.

The patrons of the local cafe were quite curious to see what was going on.

After the ceremony Devashishu found time to play cards with the locals.

We had the children escort us out of town.

Our final event of the day was meeting the mayor of Bozcaada which is a lovely island very popular with tourists.

The Mayor of Boscaada welcomes us to the Island.

We had a lovely ferry ride back to the mainland.

We saw a beautiful sunset over the Aegean Sea.