Japan 2 October: Ichihara - Shiki

Running through Tokyo area cities


Morning meeting


Ready to start!

A blazing Peace Flame - Bayarkhuu from Mongolia prepares to run


Bayarkhuu carries the torch out of Ichihara

Easy to get lost on city streets - the runners consult the route map before they start running

Battsengel from Mongolia meditates on peace before starting her run

Lunch on the road (literally...)

It's a festival day today, so we see many people dressed in traditional clothing


Explaining the 2016 route map to interested passers-by

Putting our combined energy into the Peace Torch

Yu-san of Japan carries the Peace Torch onward

It's a complicated day for the map readers and drivers

Passers-by are excited hold the Peace Torch


Ashirvad of Brazil takes the Torch from Bayarkhuu

Happy at the end of a day's running


Totoro and Nekobus are the girl's team mascots