Turkey 1 October: Çanakkale

The day before the Gallipoli Marathon

We began the today with a presentation about the Peace Run to people registering for the Gallipoli Marathon and took the opportunity to sing Sri Chinmoy's song dedicated to Turkey. Here are the words.

"Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!
You are religion faiths' master-key.
Prayerful mosques, churches and temples –
In your heart, they all ring oneness-bells.
Indeed, culture rich, very rich, you are,
Your heart's home-doors flung afar."

Armagan Aydeger (third from left) one of the marathon organizers has arranged for all of our events here, including all our visits to the local schools.

Many children came by our Peace Run table to learn about the Run, hold the Peace Torch and make their own torches.

We had the good fortune to meet many current and former sporting champions who joined in holding the torch.

Two dear friends Mustafa and Berna who ran with us in Çanakkale last year.

We took the ferry across the straits of Dardenelles to meet a team of runners who had done a relay from Istanbul to Çanakkale in celebration of the marathon.

Salil met Aytan who had seen the Peace Run in California in June of this year. Aytan was so inspired by it he was instumental in creating a relay from Istanbul To Çanakkale. We had no idea about any of this until we met Aytan on the ferry. Amazing!!!

Running from the ferry to the Marathon Expo.

We received a very enthusiastic welcome.

Ondrej presented the Vice-Govenor and the Vice Mayor with a plaque dedicating Çanakkale as a Sri Chinmoy Peace City.

Later we had some spare moments and we visited Troy an ancient city.