Turkey 30 September: Canakkale

Dashing along the Dardanelles

Arriving at Canakkale Koleji

Presenting the Headmaster with a Certificate signed by all the runners

At this school the students spoke excellent English

The Headmaster leads us to the right road leading to the next school

Our second school: Doga Koleji

This school has been developed on a very modern and progressive design concept

The Headmaster received a Certificate and gave us a thrilling tour of the school

The teachers pose for a photograph

These children were amazingly energetic

The teachers lead us in an aerobic dance

Every guest in Turkey is invited for tea

Our third and final school: Ismail Kaymak Koleji

Everyone joins in with the songs

The teachers were very kind to us and really moved by our presentation

These children sang a beautiful Turkish song for us on the theme of Peace and Love

The teachers wanted to invite us for lunch but we settled for a tea and fruits

At the expo in the centre of Canakkale we watch children in traditional Ottoman dress perform

Then it is our turn to present the Peace Run

The audience enjoy our Peace Run video

These excellent gymnasts show their skills