Turkey 29 September: Eceabat - Cannakale

From Europe to Asia across the Dardenelles

A beautiful morning in Turkey.

A warm welcome from the school director.

Interested students.

Some delicious treats from the school before our presentation.

A lovely plate commemorating our visit.

Grand entrance.

The whole school came out to greet us.

It was pretty bright in the morning sun.

Thumbs up all round.

All the teachers joined us for a farewell photo.

Vijayanti led us through the streets to the ferry waiting to take us across the straits of Dardenelles to Çanakkale.

Running off the boat to Çanakkale.

An enthusiastic reception from local children.

This team of volleyball players shared their enthusiasm for peace.

The local media were very excited to capture images of the torch as we helped launch the expo for the Gallipoli Marathon whose slogan is very inspiring - "I Run for Peace."

Ülgür Gökhan, Mayor of Çanakkale (left) and the Governor of Çanakkale (right) join Devashishu in holding the torch.

Our Peace Run booth at the Çanakkale Marathon Expo.

Salil met a compatriot who serves and the Australian Consul for Çanakkale.

Local gymnasts performed at the Expo.

Voluneteers from the Çanakkale University.

Sravana and Svetlana help young people making peace torches.

Nice peace torches!!!

Our Peace Torch has pride of place in the Çanakkale Museum.

We shared all about the Peace Run during an afternoon presentation at the expo.

Then we went running along the beautiful waterfront with many of the expo volunteers.

We also stopped by a Sri Chinmoy Peace Grove we had planted two years ago.

A replica of the Trojan horse used in the movie "Troy."

This sign says "I run for peace."

Remarkably the organizers of the marathon made time for a lovely evening of tea with us as they were in the midst of there planning and last minute preparations - they expect around 5000 people to participate in all the events - Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10 km and a 6 km Fun Run.