Japan 1 October: Kamakura - Ichihara

Peace Run Japan 2016 Begins at Kamakura Buddha

We begin the Japan Peace Run 2016 with a ceremony at Kamakura Buddha

A Torchbearer Award, certificate of appreciation and a print of Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy's artwork entitled "World Harmony" from the Jharna-Kala series is awarded in recognition of the temple's long support of the Peace Run

Passing the torch among the temple staff

A soulful circuit of the Buddha statue

We offer our respects and gratitude in this sacred place to begin the Peace Run

Taking our first steps for Japan 2016!

Running through the beautiful traditional city of Kamakura

Support from the team members

Arriving at our first school visit, the children at Kamakura Kido Home 鎌倉児童ホームwelcome the runners

The school receives a Jharna-Kala print in gratitude for their participation

The Torchbearer Award is offered to an outstanding student

A second school visit at Misono Kodomono 御園子どもの家

Learning the actions to the Peace Run song

The runners perform some skits about peaceful and non-peaceful situations

Playing together happily spreads peace

Getting stamps for the six continents on the Peace Passports

Kamakura local Peace Runner Ichiko joined the team today

Running together with the Peace Torch

Goodbye children, it was lovely to meet you~

We love being on the Peace Run in Japan~

The 2016 route from Kamakura to Mt Fuji

Hungry runners get a delicious Indian lunch

Studying the map - planning every step of the way is an important part of the run

Entering the famous Tokyo Aqua-Line, an undersea tunnel that connects Kisaru and Kawasaki

The tunnel rises up in the middle of Tokyo Bay to become a bridge

Part of the drill used to bore out the tunnel

A photo of our reflections!

Meeting new friends on the road, Tanner Rogers from Mississipi and Chase Wilcox from San Diego

Runners need healthy and delicious fuel! Today's dinner is soba noodles and tempura vegetables. Now we are all ready to go for tomorrow!