Turkey 2 October: Ayvalık - Küçükkuyu

following the coast

Morning yoga at the swimming pool? Why not, when you have the chance :)

The 15 Eylül school in Ayvalık is very dynamic! We liked that!

Some of the kids are actually serious sportsmen and sportswomen.

Opa! The clown is in the town.

Peace, brother!

Magical moment.

We appreciate your energy, thank you for joining us in Peace Running!

Bye bye!

Now we arrived at Uğur Okulları in Burhaniye.

They have these nice peace runners in the logo painted on the walls!

The children presented very touching presentation of their own poems as well as statements and aphorisms by Turkish Republic founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy.

Some kids equipped themselves with nice headdresses and doves.

At the end of the programme we plented a Peace Tree.

Of course, it is an olive tree.

Thank you for your hospitality!

Waiting for our runner.

Waiting for sunset.

Waiting for the moment.

The sunset.