Turkey 1 October: Bergama - Ayvalık

from sunrise to sunset

It's best to start your day with some exercises during sunrise.

In Bergama we visited Doğa Koleji private school.

Looks like dancing but we're actually pretending to run.

With smiling school director.

Thank you Doğa Koleji!

The school garden has countless olive trees.

Bye bye!

Kozak plateau has very clean and pure nature.

Here we are at high school (Lise) in Yukarıbey.

Our thanks to Yukarıbey for welcoming us in their school!

10 minutes break on the way down from the plateau.

Runners from Belediyespor club were waiting near the seaside.

Welcome! Thank you!

Atatürk square in Ayvalık.

We had a short program here for local people and runners that joined us.

Mr. Mayor passed the torch to locals and they could place their peaceful wishes into it.

Big thanks to Ayvalık Belediyesi and sport club for organizing this meeting and taking care of us!

"We are running for health, love and peace"

Our dear friend and local coordinator from Ayvalık.

And it wouldn't be Ayvalık if we didn't finish with nice dinner while watching the sun go down :)