Turkey 30 September: Izmir - Bergama

first day

Welcome to Doğa Koleji in İzmir!

Thank you Doğa Koleji in İzmir for enthusiastic meeting!

Running on a seaside in Aliağa.

Over there is the Acropolis of ancient Pergamon.

Friendly guardian of Pergamon.

Pergamon Asklepion (ancient holistic healing spa).

Güzel in a tunnel.

Ruins of Pergamon.

Temple of Trajan at Pergamon Acropolis.

Here we're visiting children at their new workshop place called Güzel İşleri Atölye where they learn about extracurricular subjects such as philosophy or... peace & oneness!

Our thanks to volunteers from Güzel İşleri Derneği.

Of course little bit of running never hurts.

Especially when you run with friends.