Uganda 8 October: Stopover Entebbe - Nairobi

Stopover from Burundi via Kigali to Nairobi

On our way from Bujumbura, Burundi, to Nairobi, Kenya, our plane had a short stop at Entebbe Airport. However, we were not allowed to step down the gangway or even outside the door for a photo - so we just hoisted our Peace Run banner on the plane again after it had landed at Entebbe and sent a silent prayer for continued peace. (The Torch had to be stowed in the check-in luggage.) Symbolically the Southern Hemisphere Peace Run 2019 has now also touched Ugandan soil.

"Amazing Uganda welcomes you" (Gangway message) - And yes, we are very hopeful that the Peace Torch will be back in East Africa in the very near future and we are very much looking forward to visiting schools and meeting some of the many peace groups that have sprung up in amazing Uganda!

Entebbe airport at night - can you tell? :)