Feb. 14, 2024 Live from the road

Motuiti Pa Marae, Foxton - Levin

Reported by Harita Davies, Yoko Yamaguchi 20.0 km

Some of us started the day with a quick stop at the beautiful Foxton Beach.

A big thank you to Foxton Beach Holiday Park for generously accommodating our womens team in one of their cabins. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay!

We said a fond farewell and offered our deepest gratitude to our new family-friends at Motuiti-Pa Marae. Pictured from left are Lance, Hinewai, Mere Rauhihi, Ehita, Terimikaera and Teherua.

Thank you to Terimikaere, pictured holding the torch, for starting the teams running for the day!

Caslav and Ananda-Lahari took over from Terimikaere to run the torch to our first school of the day.

Poroutawhao School welcomed us first today!

Guessing the country game is always fun!

World Harmony Run song!

The Head Boy and Girl kindly received our ertificate of Appreciation and an artwork by Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Time to pass the torch...

And time to run!

This boy Charlie organised for Caslav to be given a box of weet-bix and some milk since he had never tried it before- Caslav was delighted! He had some for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it- a new Weet-bix kid!

Peace Begins With Me! Thank you Poroutawhao School!

We were thrilled that a group of students from Waiopehu College helped run our torch to the next school.

Ananda-Lahari makes a new friend!

Our second school of the day- Levin North School.

The students from Waiopehu College joined us for our presentation.

Adorable kids!

Now thats Peace!

We like to take the opportunity to recognise the teachers for the most significant role they play in cultivating peace in the world.

Thank you to the incredible teachers for their super enthusiastic participation! Pictured holding the torch is School Principal Moira Campbell.

Time to run!

Thank you to all the kids and teachers of Levin North School for their super enthusiastic participation- we loved meeting you all!

Our final school of the day was Levin School.

Feeling peace in our hearts.

Performing the World Harmony Run Song!

We offered our Certificate of Appreciation and an artwork by Sri Chinmoy entitled "Imagine the Beauty of an Earth Without Tears"

Thank you to Deputy Principal, Angela Graham, and all the students and teachers for a wonderful end to a beautiful day of school visits.

A big thank you to Top 10 Holiday Park, Levin for hosting our whole team in their cabins- we loved staying here and meeting the delightful owners, Debbie and Repi.

We ended the day enjoying the peace and panorama of the sunset.

In the evening

The golden sunset-peace

Shelters me.

-Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Ananda-Lahari Zuscin (Slovakia), Caslav Mitrovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Daniel Ruben (New Zealand), Don Kerr (New Zealand), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Niryana Marshall (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Yoko Yamaguchi (Japan).  
Harita Davies, Niryana Marshall, Yoko Yamaguchi
The torch has travelled 20.0 km from Motuiti Pa Marae, Foxton to Levin.

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