Sept. 13, 2019 Live from the road

Cape Town

Reported by Abhijatri Robinson 5.0 km

Another day in beautiful Cape Town! We had an early start - getting up at about 3:30 am and packing up in Kommertjie to so that we could move closer to central Cape Town. As is usual with these things we ended up waiting for a while and made up a new Peace Run skit. What a spot to have to wait!

Our first appointment was the opening of the Cape Town Peace marathon expo with the torch. Here the torch is held by the Peace Run team and the key sponsors and Race Director Janet Wellam and Allan Barnes from Western Province Athletics.

We then went on to visit our old friends at Observatory Junior School - we really liked the motto on their sign!

We had some time with the older students in the school hall.

It gave us a lot of joy to do our new skits!

They hopefully worked as there were many smiles and laughs in the room.

We thanked Mr Williams, the Principal for allowing us to come to the school again and for the wonderful welcome.

Each student had the opportunity to hold the torch and make a wish for peace.

Soulful smiles!

There were lots of smiles even while waiting for the Torch.

Sometimes the slighly out of focus photos seem to create a special effect.

We then ran on to Walmer Estate Primary School on the slopes of Table Mountain.

A team of school students had been specially chosen to run with the Peace Runners. They joined us for a run to the area where the presentation was to held.

The children gathered outside on this beautiful day.

Walmer Estate Primary School must be in one of the most spectacular locations in the world!

Penny is always the most liked peace runner and unfailing gets a clap after speaking to the students.

Tafadzwa from Zimbabwe always brings the best out in the school audiences.

The students who read out poems all had a chance to hold the torch.

The boys doing their new skit to and appreciative audience.

One smiling and another perplexed!

This is the noodles skit where Shree and Cliff eventually make friends and exchange lunches although Cliff is a bit surprised at how hot his curry is!

A moment of peace.

We were very happy to present this very beautiful painting to the principal of Walmer estate. This message of peace and friendship was prepared by students learning English at Kansai University in Japan. The artwork included a special message to the South African students and a photo of the three Japanese students who prepared it. The principal and students were all extremely touched that they had new friends in Japan.

The principal thanked the runners and encouraged them urging them to keep up the good work.

A number of students came up and read out their poems for peace. Each had the opportunity to hold the torch and make a wish for peace.

The teachers also made a wish for peace.

Jono, Penny's cousin, also holds the torch. He had very kindly moved out of his flat for the weekend to accommodate the runners in Rondebosch on Friday and Saturday nights.

We took the opportunity that afternoon to see some of the amazing wildflowers that grace the western coast of the Cape at this time of year. We were lucky to just catch the end of the season.

I am always amazed at how many beautiful places there are in the world! This is the estuary just south of Langebaan north of Cape Town.

While Balarka was taking this second photograph it seems that some ghosts appeared...Luckily they were peace loving and friendly!

Torch carried by
Abhijatri Robinson (South Africa), Balarka Robinson (South Africa), Clifford Kian (South Africa), Florbela Caniceiro (Portugal), Pedja Knezevic (Serbia), Penny Nam (Great Britain), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand), Tafadzwa Makwara (Zimbabwe).  
Abhijatri Robinson, Balarka Robinson
The torch has travelled 5.0 km in Cape Town.

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