Maj 11, 2018 Live from the road

Bosanska Krupa - Banjaluka

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 120.0 km

In Bosanska Krupa we start the day running to the school.

A flower offering.

The Principal holds the torch and a Certificate from the Peace Run team.

Run teachers run!

This young man is an up and coming 800 metre champion.

The students make the run up the hill look easy!

In Sanski Most, at Prva sanska skola, children are awaiting our arrival.

They have put a lot of work into preparing a theatrical presentation for us.

Peace Tree!

The teachers united.

Our next stretch of road provides a few obstacles.

Aye aye Captain!

The runners from Banja Luka are proud of their city.

In the late afternoon we arrive at a very enthusiastic school in Banja Luka.

The Principal was so overwhelmed. "I am speechless". She said that in all her time as Principal she has never been so moved and inspired.

In the evening we are invited to officially open the Banja Luka Half Marathon celebrations.

The Director of the half marathon receives the torch.

Elite athletes meet the Peace Run team.

Good luck fast runners!

Torch carried by
Amur Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Anita Costa (Portugal), Bosnian Runners (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Drsalu Grünstäudl (Austria), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Kamaneeya Vuckovic (Serbia), Max Zandl (Austria), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia).  
Anita Costa, Paramanyu Lebedev
The torch has travelled 120.0 km from Bosanska Krupa to Banjaluka.

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