United States 12 May: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Amarillo, Texas

Travelling to Texas!

Last night we had a very comfortable stay in the Holiday Inn & Suites as well as the Hampton Inn & Suites in Oklahoma City. Thank you for your hospitality!

We stopped by at the Oklahoma Memorial which was built to commemorate the victims of a bomb attack back in April 1995. 168 people died and we offered our humble prayers for peace so that these types of incidents will never be repeated anywhere in the world.

It is indeed a place of deep serenity where many locals and visitors regularly come to pay homage to the innocent souls.

The day was planned to be mostly driving since we had to cover quite some distance - 260 miles to Amarillo, Texas. However, what a surprise we got - one of our vans had to have a tyre replacement. Well, we need to take care of our vehicles so that we drive safely...

Darren skillfully installed new front tyres super fast and was happy to hold the peace torch before we drove off.

And guess what... A few hours after the van's tires were repaired, one of the inner tyres on the RV also needed replacing! Luckily expert assistance was at hand!!
Given the "coincidence" for 2 cars to experience tire problems, we checked the last van as well - but fortunately it was all good!

A big thank you to John and his team at Bohr Enterprises for taking such good care of us!

After such a thorough vehicle check, we saw some beautiful signs on the road which we took as a blessing.

At lunchtime we stopped at the National Route 66 Museum. It is dedicated to the historic route which is connecting the East and West coasts. It is famous for being widely used in the past during massive migration periods when the population was moving from the East to the West.

This is a reconstruction of how a typical small town used to look like in the past.

In the evening we had time to visit the Palo Duro Canyon. The vast beauty enchanted us so much that we didn't even mind the scorching heat - at 7pm in the sun it was still almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit (close to 35 degrees C).

We had a fantastic dinner donated by 575 Pizzeria, Amarillo. The manager, Michael, pictured holding the torch, as well as the whole staff were extremely kind to us. We deeply appreciated the family feeling between all the staff at the restaurant. Many people from the pizzeria wanted to hold the Peace Torch offering their hopes for peace.

Our wonderful server, Texas!

The woman on the right happened to be celebrating her birthday! She was thrilled to meet us and hold the torch. Here she is pictured with her aunt. The whole restaurant sang the Happy Birthday song for her!

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