Люты 21, 2024 Live from the road

Greytown - Masterton

Reported by Roxana Magdici 25.0 km

At St. Teresa's School the children welcome the Peace Run with curiosity, joy and amazement.

Peace starts in our hearts, so let's feel it with a moment of silence.

We are all one big family, that's what we learn with the World Harmony Song.

We all get to hold the peace torch.

We get beautiful peace messages written by the Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Now it's time for a run with the peace torch. Let's make a moment of peace before we start, like real peace runners do.

The teachers are very happy to receive the peace torch

and run!

The teacher receives the Peace Run certificate of appreciation and the painting by Sri Chinmoy, entitled "Imagine peace here and now".

Thank you St. Teresa's School for receiving the Peace Run with broad smiles!

The peace runners are now heading towards Featherston School.

The runners are welcomed with a Powhiri, the traditional Maori welcoming.

The Maori hongi greeting, touching nose and forehead and sharing the breath.

The children are guessing where Daniel is originally from.

And where is Nirakara from? A hint: it's a country with lots of birds but no snakes. Yes, New Zealand!

Learning the World Harmony Run song gives the children lots of joy.

Peace we feel in our hearts with a silence moment.

The boys give an example of a peaceful action: they teach Ananda-Lahari how to play rugby.

Featherston School gifts the Peace Run with a beautiful plant.

The school receives the Peace Run certificate of appreciation.

The teachers happily hold the torch.

We are all having lots of fun.


We are happy and excited to hold the torch and make a wish for peace.

Seeing the peace torch approaching.

Peace is friendship.

Running with the peace torch

and holding the Peace Run banner.

This wonderful poem says it all.

The four Maori pillars of well-being.

Haere mai means welcome in Maori.

The Peace Run team is warmly welcomed by Carterton School.

The runners sing the Peace Run song.

The children reply with powerful songs.

Two students receive the peace painting by the founder of the Peace Run and a certificate of appreciation for welcoming us at Carterton School.

Reading a peace poem and discovering one of the 160 countries the Peace Run has previously been to.

Making friends

Holding the peace torch.

Happy teachers holding the peace torches.

A moment of peace before a run with the Peace Run team.

The principal of Carterton School and his little daughter holding making a wish for peace.

It's been an honour meeting Carterton School

and the Deputy Mayor of Carterton District Council Dale Williams stops to offer his goodwill on our way out.

The runners run to the accommodation. Andrea has not lit the torch to protect the dry environment, so she has found some nice flowers as the peace torch flame.

She makes new enthusiastic friends on the way.

Tirelessly she cooks for the whole team a delicious and unforgettable dinner (and lunch for the next day)!

Greytown Campground selflessly sponsors the Peace Run by offering  great accommodation. Our deepest heartfelt gratitude to Ken and Nina!

The accomodation is charming and original.

Torch carried by
Ananda-Lahari Zuscin (Slovakia), Daniel Rubin (New Zealand), Harashita Sunaoshi (Japan), Nirakara Lincoln (New Zealand), Roxana Magdici (Romania).  
Daniel Rubin, Harashita Sunaoshi, Roxana Magdici
The torch has travelled 25.0 km from Greytown to Masterton.

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