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Pope Francis starts the European Peace Run 2024

Today, Wednesday 6th March, His Holiness lit the flame of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Torch.

The Peace Run torch will be carried by an international team of runners through 27 European countries over the next eight months.

Lighting the flame with a simple candle, Pope Francis started the run and gave his blessings for the  21,000 km journey through Europe.

The flaming torch represents humanity’s aspiration for peace and oneness in the world. In April a torch will be lit in New York, and Peace Runs will continue around the world.

With the Pope’s message of peace and love for all human beings and for our world, runners from Italy, England, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, USA and Slovakia were present at the ceremony.

The runners, in relay, carried the flame towards the Italian coast, to the town of Ostia Antica.

From there the Peace Run continues its journey to Portugal and across Europe to the grand finale in Hungary on 18th October.

The torch was first lit back in 1987 in New York by the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Now, 37 years later, this peace initiative, which is the longest relay run in the world, begins its 2024 journey from Vatican city.

Sri Chinmoy was a sportsman, philosopher, artist, musician and poet. He dedicated his life to the ideal of worldwide peace, friendship and oneness. His vision for a burning torch to travel around the globe, has been welcomed by children, athletes, community leaders and individuals in more than 150 nations to express their aspirations for a better world.

With every step the Peace Run builds bridges between people of different cultures, religions and nations and strengthens the feeling of oneness between them.


European Peace Run 2023

The European Peace Run 2023 started its first leg in March in Sagres, Portugal, travelling via Spain and France to Italy. The 2nd leg traversed the UK and Ireland starting at the end of April in Dover. There were two more continuous routes from Hungary to Czech Republic and in the Baltic countries, plus a number of local events in Warsaw, Berlin, Hamburg, Bornholm (Denmark), Brussels, Luxembourg, Austria and Iceland.

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