Cape Verde 24 March: Assomada - Tarrafal

the street party continues

The sun rises in Assomada and we are ready for another day of running.

In City Hall a press conference is held.

The Mayor of Assomada gave a very moving speech.

Our first school is Liceu Amilcar Cabral in Assomada. It's a really large school and we received a loud welcome.

The Mayor not only spoke but ran with us a good distance.

All classrooms were empty as every student came out to meet us.

Waiting for us along the route were several small village schools. They formed a line along the curb to cheer us on.

We were blessed with flower petals.

Then the road became very steep as we head even higher into the mountains.

The highest mountain in Santiago is 1800 metres - we ran close by.

This rastafarian runner happened to meet us in the mountains and stayed with us for over 20K.

The last metres to the top.

The Cabe Verde flag has 10 stars signifying the 10 islands.

Everywhere we go we have a very capable escort.

One of our star photographers, Carlos from Brazil, risks life and limb for the perfect shot.

This sign tells us - sandals are for your feet, not for punishment in education.

In Chão Bom we arrive at Escola Len De Achada.

Another incredible welcome.

Peace Run footwear!

Tarrafal Concentration Camp is a place where political prisoners were confined during the rule of the Portuguese dictator - Salazar.

Prisoners were brought here from all Portuguese Colonies, and many died here. The Camp was closed in 1974.

Running into Tarrafal, our final destination for the day.

We received a very warm welcome from the citizens of Tarrafal.

These children would see us the following morning for a ceremony.

Mena from France leads the Cabo Verde Ultramarathoners into town.

The Director of the Sport Department leads us into our final ceremony.

Our ceremony was held at the Mercado do Artesanato.