April 30, 2014 Live from the road

Friesenhofen - Friedrichshafen

Reported by Dipavajan Renner 85.0 km

We spent our night in Kaufbeuren. A big "Thank You" to the "Hotel Am Turm",...

..."Gasthof Engel"...

...and "Hotel Grüner Baum" for hosting our team!

We arrived in Friesenried.

The local primary school welcomed us on the sport field.

..big smiles...

The kids learned both our songs:

...even the more difficult Peace Run Song was no problem for the kids.

...I got all the stamps...

Thank you Friesenried for the enthusiastic meeting!

...Altusried was next.

Children of the primary school and the secondary school gave us a warm welcome.

..very colorful...

...our musicians...

...together we performed our song. Good rythmics!

A really powerful run around the field!

Thank you Altusried for the heartfelt meeting!

Our next school: Friesenhofen.

The children awaited us at the community border.

A relay run through the forest...

...suddenly heaven opened the gates:

...in a second all our runners got soaked!

The kids didn't mind the rain - a very cheerful event!

...we arrived at the school.

...the meeting continued in the sport hall.

The mayor of Leutkirch received the torch...

...and passed it on to the kids.

...a nice performance by the kids...

Thank you Friesenhofen for the warm welcome!

Natalia enjoyed the run in the rain...

we reached Ravensburg.

The mayor received the torch and gave us a short guided tour through the historic city hall.

Thank you for the meeting!

Our last event in Germany: the city hall in Tettnang.

The mayor welcomed us with kind words...

Thank you Tettnang!

We reached Friedrichshafen.

Special Thanks to the "Bodensee Fähre" for the spontaneous support!

We said "Good Bye" to Germany for now. Our gratitude for all the nice meetings and the hospitality! See you again soon!

Torch carried by
Adam Studenik (Slovakia), Andi Schmitz (Germany), Claudia Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Elisa Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Elke Wiesenberger (Austria), Goga Petrovcic (Croatia), Irena Majerova (Czech Republic), Josef Stockinger (Austria), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Natalia Budkova (Russia).  
Dipavajan Renner, Irena Majerova
The torch has travelled 85.0 km from Friesenhofen to Friedrichshafen.

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