Mai 8, 2014 Live from the road

Saarbrücken - Luxembourg

Reported by Dipavajan Renner 121.0 km

Thank you for the hospitality!

Our first meeting brought us to the city hall in Saarbrücken. Deputy mayor Ralf Latz gave us a warm welcome.

Thank you for the meeting!

Next was the UNESCO heritage "Völklinger Hütte".

General Manager Prof. Dr. Meinrad Maria Grewenig received the torch.

A quick guided tour through the Völklinger Hütte. The entire team fitted into the elevator...

The children of the primary school "Vogelsang" in Saarlouis awaited us:

...a dynamic entrance...

..the school choir performed for us...

Mrs. Jost, the mayor of Saarlouis, welcomed our team and passed the torch to the children...

Thank you for enthusiastic meeting!

High Five and good bye!

Kindergarten Mettlach:

...the greeting committee...

...a nice entrance...

Mayor Carsten Wiemann welcomed the team...

Thank you for the Fun!

Our last meeting: kids from the school in Orscholz lined up for the team!

..we ran together to the "Saarschleife", a famous touristic sight...

What a view!

The kids sang for us...

...and the tourists present passed the torch, too.

Thank you Orscholz and good bye Germany! We really enjoyed your hospitality and the all the heartfelt meetings!

Torch carried by
Adam Studenik (Slovakia), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Goga Petrovcic (Croatia), Irena Majerová (Czech Republic), Istidad Alvarado (Guatemala), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Natalia Budkova (Russia), Thomas Strohn (Germany), Unnatishil Bravo (France).  
Dipavajan Renner, Irena Majerová
The torch has travelled 121.0 km from Saarbrücken to Luxembourg.

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