Germany 23 June: Berlin - Eberswalde

A new journey to Eberswalde

Zuzka, train well !!! :-)

Some local runners including former German running champion Volkmar Scholz and the "Laufpartner" joined the team for a run around the Schlachtensee lake.

A birthday present for Finja's birthday.

We had a wonderful view, while running around the Schlachtensee lake.

Our runner from USA - Natabara - taking video.

We had a delicious meal in Mahyia's "Happiness-Heart Cafe" in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

A quick stop at Samalya's parents place for some refreshments...

...and for a family photo.

We saw the nice family portrait on the wall...

And some childhood photographs.

Now we know why Samalya is such a good runner. He inherited from his father.

Meeting a runner on the road...

countryside north of Berlin

It's time for some stretching...

And also for some cleaning.

Prof. Jan König, head of the social department of Eberswalde, joined the team in Spechthausen for some running until the City Hall of the "forest city" of Eberswalde.

He is an excellent runner with a marathon time under 3 hours !

His family also joined us... Many thanks

at City Hall and market square

Some local kids joined for hearing the team singing.

Prof. Jan König accepting the Peace Run certificate on behalf of the City of Eberswalde

Thank you for the delicious food after the running (and before the World Cup soccer game Germany-Sweden!) ...

... at the Pizzeria Tradizionale - Me Gusta in Eberswalde. (Interestingly, the next day at the Chorin monastery we were told: you picked the best restaurant in town! :)