United States 22 June: Spokane, WA - Murray, ID

Cour d'Alene

A big thank you to Bryce and Motel 6 for hosting the entire Peace Run Team!

This morning was very special. In the picture holding the torch is Adae Romero Briones from the First Nations Development Institute. She truly honoured the runners by prayerfully and soulfully singing a native Hawaiian chant, blessing this endeavor for peace. The team responded by singing the Peace Run Song, composed by the Founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Adae expressed her heartfelt oneness and joy.

What a wonderful way to strat in the early morning!

We were so happy that our dear friend Sanjay Rawal could join us today. He ran 12 miles with the torch!

Today the Peace Run visited a Boys and Girls Club in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Can you show us where New Zealand is on the map?

Children are encoureged to guess if what they see is peaceful behaviour or not.

Two talented actors demonstrate an act of friendship.