June 29, 2020 Live from the road

Haaparanda, Sweden - Nordkaap, Norway

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 900.0 km

Runners on the international Peace Run team send greetings to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, the countries through which they will be running virtually June 29 - July 5, 2020.

A look back at the virtual run through Russia and Belarus June 22 - 28, 2020.

Chahida will join the runners in our video to run through Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark this week, June 29 - July 5, 2020. Chahida is originally from Austria but will be runnning in Iceland where she lives and works.

Last week, June 22-28, we ran virtually through Russia and Belarus. We had a large team to cover all the kilometres. Paramanyu Lebedev has been coordinating the local runners in Russia.

Konstantin Glod has been coordinating the runners in Belarus.

Sumandala is from Rome, Italy. He reports: "Today I ran along the beautiful road that runs alongside the Tiber river (Rome's river) from the Tiberina Island to the Ara Pacis and back. Both spots are sacred and somehow dedicated to Peace. Meaningful spots in these days... The Tiberina Island was dedicated to curing people since Roman times, when it was the seat of the ancient temple of Aesculapius".

Sumandala: "Nowadays, the Tiberna Island is the seat of a famous Catholic hospital established in the late fifteen hundreds. The Ara Pacis is a Shrine that Emperor Augustus dedicated to Pax, the Roman Goddess of Peace, nowadays is surrounded by hole building and a teca built around it. I took photos though the glass of the teca... but they came out nice, with the evening lights kind of merging into it! Really a special monument, I must say. Along my running route I also passed by Rome's Synagogue, Saint Peter basilica and St. Angel Castle... kind of nice locations! I felt I was a good ending of this week journey. The Ara Pacis in particular was really striking and you could get some special feeling of peace there, so I was happy to get there and take a moment of silence".

Italian food - always welcome in all countries.

Patricia from Germany (running in Austria)

Shree (left) running in South Africa where it is winter now.

Semantika running in Slovakia.

Amur is the Bosnian runner this week, supported by good friends.

Patricia did her running in Salzburg.

This is Amur with current national champion for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srđan Samarđić.

Maria Jao is our Portuguese runner.

Running along the Atlantic coast.

Baridhi is running for Bulgaria.

Maria Jao's support team includes the great paralympic athlete, Jorge Pina (second left).

Tomasz is our man in Slovenia.

Father and son running for Peace in Slovenia.

Tomasz: "Sometimes you don't get around to doing your daily mileage until the end of a busy day. But running in the moonlight has its own charm".

Kristina in Serbia reports: ""Running with a great international team of peace runners and souls by seeing the river Danube on the rainy and sunny days! I have been thinking of great Russian literature, art, and spirit, invoking qualities of Russian soul and imagining vastness and beauty of Russia and Belarus, yet being greeted and supported with my Serbian folks on my runs! This was a very unique macroscopic connection experience that took place in my heart.
My infinite gratitude!"

Kristina: "This statue of Sri Chinmoy, the founder of Peace run is in Cardiff, Wales, and I happened to be there on the 27th of August 2018, for his birthday. I found these roses on my runs in June. Since I am inspired to continue my running for peace, I might collect a few more for a new garland soon?"

Great Russian wisdom.

Laila is Russian, and running in New York where she lives.

Mareike is running in Austria.

Vilo is running in and around Prague.

Blue skies in the Czech Republic.

Luciana running near Rome, completed 20 kms for Peace this week. Makula in the Ukraine ran 40 kms and in Vaasa, Finland runners completed 70 kms.

Ashirvad in Brazil.

Ashirvad is becoming quite the photographer.

Irish skies.

Natasha is our Irish runner this week. Natasha was born in Russia. Here she is enjoying a holiday in the Dublin Mountains - literally jumping for joy with her son, Alex.

Beware! There are always things to watch out for on the Peace Run.

Andre and Alex have been recruited to run a few steps for Peace.

St Petersburg is the final virtual destination for this week's running. Here at the Panorama restaurant in St Petersburg, the torch has been lit.

Shyamala is our runner in Scotland.

Scottish sunset.

Sukhada is our Russian runner.

The great ultra running champion of Finland, Asprihanal, prepares to test the water.

Jigyasu and Asprihanal in Finland.

Our Icelandic representative this week is Nirbhasa (far right), another ultra running champion.

Icelandic children.

Team Iceland.

The Icelandic Peace Run snack station.

Thamara is running in Brazil. She reports: "On this week, running with my heart in Russia and Belarus was very interesting and special. We had very hot days in Brazil and also very cold days! I loved this experience because it reminded me why I run. Sometimes I can forget the importance of running, and maybe I let the lethargy win or maybe the weather is stronger than my love of running. This week running in the Peace Run I remember that no matter how hot or how cold it is, no matter if the sun is shining on your face or if the rain is too strong and cold, no matter any tiny illness you have, if you remember your goal and that you are running for something higher you just go out running to do what you have to do and everything is gonna be good. Somebody is taking care of us and will give us the energy to face all these disturbances. I hope that my running for the health and prosperity of the world could have helped in any way as it helped me".

Himadri is our Hungarian runner, doing his running in the Netherlands.

The Netherland running routes are flat.

The running routes in New Zealand are not (photo by our NZ runner Granantan).

Winter in New Zealand.

Grahak is our Australian runner in Perth.

After a good run and swim, enjoy the sunset.

Belarus runners!

Nikolai Egorov

Our Latvian runner, Emanuels.

Reet from Estonia.

Paksharupa has emerged from the jungle in Turin, to run on the international Peace Run team this week.

Paksharupa demonstrates his incredible strength.

(right) Svetlana Yarets

Yury Elohin

Pati Ibinova and a young friend

Irina Buzenkova

Dima Chefranov

Kader is our runner in Turkey.

Brian from Seattle has been busy, but managed to capture this rare selfie.

In England they are taking their hats off to the Russians.

Mukunja is our runner in France, in Montpelier.

Dambholi is our runner in Hungary.

Torch carried by
Amur Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ashirvad Zaiantchick (Brazil), Asprihanal Aalto (Finland), Baridhi Yonchev (Bulgaria), Batzaya (Mongolia), Bolormaa Munkhdorj (Mongolia), Chahida Hammerl (Iceland), Christian Oswald (Austria), Dambholi Milisics (Hungary), Daulot Fountain (United States), Deemanta Piroska Vargyas (Hungary), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Devesh Ghimire (Nepal), Emanuels Putans (Latvia), Florbela Caniceiro (Portugal), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Helen Beyer (Germany), Kader Doğru (Turkey), Karteek Clarke (Great Britain), Kokila Chamberlain (Great Britain), Kristina Kolompar (Serbia), Laila Faerman (United States), Mareike Jächter (Germany), Maria João Melo (Portugal), Misa Zdenkova (Czech Republic), Mukunja Cousin (France), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Narmadyuti Ridzi (Slovenia), Natasha Romanova (Ireland), Natashira Lecoq (France), Nirbhasa Magee (Ireland), Nirjharini Brandt (Germany), Nitish Zuidema (Netherlands), Padyatra Komak (Slovakia), Patricia Daxner (Germany), Pramodan Gmeiner (Germany), Reet Kuusk (Estonia), Samunnati Natalia Lehonkova (Ukraine), Satyamurthi Miotello (Italy), Semantika Selecká (Slovakia), Shree Chirkoot (South Africa), Shyamala Stott (Great Britain), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia), Sumandala Cenni (Italy), Suparna Pustogowa (Germany), Thamara Paiva (Brazil), Uranta Kane (Great Britain), Usika Muckenhumer (Austria), Viliam Segeda (Slovakia).  
Apaguha Vesely, Paramanyu Lebedev
The torch has travelled 900.0 km from Haaparanda, Sweden to Nordkaap, Norway.

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