Finland 23 May: Kesälahti - Ruokolahti

Peace Run in Finland

Day started at 9 am in Arppen School in Kitee

Chetana from New York is trying to make the students quess where she is from.

Principal Kyösti Havukainen from Arppen School receiving the certification and the Jharna Kala Peace Painting.

Litaf presenting the torch in the Puhos School.

Feeling peace in your heart.

Principal Virpi Kinnunen receiving the Peace Run Certification and the Painting.

We run to the Kesälahti and we were kindly invited to be part of the annual City Mahaton festival. Long distance runner Asprihanal Pekka Aalto is presenting the torch.

Iiris Nuuja is taking the torch to the City Mahaton walk.

Hi! We want to join also!

Happy local citizens!

Iiris Nuuja presenting the Peace Jharna Kala painting to Anu Mikkonen.

Thank you Ruokolahti for offering us accommodation and meals for the night.