touko 24, 2017 Live from the road

Ruokolahti - Luumaki

Reported by Lauri Tervo 92.0 km

We start today's running from the Summer House of our local runner.

Boys at the summer House.

Here we are at the Huhtasenkylä School.

Rupasi and the local kids.

Principal Anu Pohtamo from Huhtasenkylä School receiving the Peace Certification and the painting.

And here we go!

And the next school is the Kaukopään koulu!

American runners Chetana and Rupasi presenting the torch.

Kaukopään School receiving the Peace Painting.

Time to run with the Peace Torch!

The torch circling around!

Running to the next school!

Here the Peace Run Team is in the Vuoksenniskan School.

Boys's funny play on peace.

The school receiving the certificate and the Jharna Kala painting from Rupasi.

It is always a joyful moment when the kids can run with the flaming torch!

Thank you, Vuoksenniskan koulu!

Number 4. school today is Imatrankosken koulu. Josef from Czech holding the torch.

The Peace Run Team doing the presentation.

Rupasi and Vira in the funny play.

Principal Irma Hujanen receiving the certificate for the participation.

Imatrankosken koulu!

Time to run out! Vira giving high fives!


High fives from Josef!

And from Asprihanal Pekka Aalto, the long distance champion from Finland!

Chetana and Litaf running out!

Iiris Nuuja running out!

We got a beautiful accommodation in Luumäki in Mirjan Matkakoti. Thank you, Luumäki town and Pasi Kyllönen.

Torch carried by
Anne Leinonen (Finland), Ashprihanal Pekka Aalto (Finland), Chetana Hein (United States), Iiris Nuuja (Finland), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Lauri Tervo (Finland), Lilu Lähdesmäki (Finland), Litaf Jevdokimova (Russia), Rupasi Young (United States), Vira Savina (Ukraine).  
Lilu Lähdesmäki
The torch has travelled 92.0 km from Ruokolahti to Luumaki.

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