aug. 7, 2019 Live from the road

Tasiilaq - Qaqortoq

Reported by Pranava Runar Gigja 500.0 km

After a good nights rest, we headed downtown to check on the boat and make sure all is good with the harbourmaster.

Happy smiling faces!

We met with 14 kids and 2 teachers at the Tasiilaq Football field!

Double wish for Peace!

Our Peaceful warrior Captain!

Jan Adreassen which runs the sport hall in Tasilaq set-up our meeting with teachers at Tasiilaq Alivarpi who after our meeting agreed to join our Peace run in Tasiilaq!

We like to thank Jan Andreassen and the two teachers from Tasiilaq Alivarp department SFO Jakobine Uitsatikiseq, Gundina Magnussen and all the kids!

Local boys in Tasiilaq fishing!

The main occupation in Greenland is fishing!

Looking over the fjord before we leave on our next adventure!

On our way towards Qaqortoq on the West-coast of Greenland!

Seeing Qaqortoq from a distance after 29 hours of sailing! That means we have been awake for around 38 hours!


The locals going for a dive in the local lake above Qaqortoq!

A local hero jumping in with the lake around 10 degrees!

Sun going down in Qaqortoq!

Thank you Greenland and Greenlanders for our amazing adventure in your wild pristine country!

Torch carried by
Pranava Runar Gigja (Iceland).  
Accompanied by  
Captain Sergio Davi
Pranava Runar Gigja
The torch has travelled 500.0 km from Tasiilaq to Qaqortoq.

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