Greece 5 March: Kerkini - Evzonoi


We met two French wildlife film-makers. We saw an amazing film they made showing all the varieties of birds in this area - Kerkini lake.

They are famous in this region where they spend hours, weeks and months every year capturing the intricate details of life on the lake.

Vasilis takes us on a boat tour of the lake and the wildlife.

We attract the attention of the Pelicans.

I see you ....

Thank you Vasilis.

Running into Kerkini Primary School

Our first school in Greece and the anticipation is uncontainable.

The teachers very kindly welcomed us in for coffee, asked us all about the Peace Run and we showed them our route on this map.

There are many friendly, large dogs in Greece.

Thank you to the owner of the Oikoperiygitis hotel, Yiannis. We really enjoyed our stay here and the incredible feast provided.

Yiannis used to run Marathons. His best time was a very decent 2.34. He is good friends with Yiannis Kouros, the legend of ultra distance running.

Passers by stop to have a photograph with the torch.

Paramanyu (on the left) is our photographer and an excellent runner. This is a rare photograph of him running.

Greek sweets.

The rain starts to come down, getting steadily heavier and heavier.

We finish the day with another fine Greek feast in Kerdonas.