Hungary 7 May: Bordány - Bácsbokod

Southern Hungary embraces the Peace Run

We started from Bordány in pouring rain.

In spite of the rain a few enthusiastic kids joined in Üllés.

We enjoyed the dynamic folk dance performance.

Dr. Szegfű László Mayor also ran with us.

As we arrived in Kiskunhalas, kids from the local sports teams joined us.

Because of the rain we were invited in the cinema hall for a nice reception.

Istvan Gyovai mayor holding the torch.

Group photo before the start.

We just met on the way the runners of 'Drogmentes maraton'. They ran with us till the city sign.

At Kunfehértó it started raining again.

The children sung for us a sweet song.

Mayor Sándor Harnóczi receiving the torch.

Pogácsa to give us strength for the jurney.

In Jánoshalma a fload of kids received us once more.

Zoltán Czeller mayor with the torch. Thank you Jánoshalma for the hospitality!

We saw extremely nice performances.

Our very dear friend Piroska Somogyiné who took time once more to help with the organization during her busy schedule with the final examinations.

Recreation on the Peace Run bus.

Csávoly was our last reception for the day.