Hungary 8 May: Bácsbokod - Nagybaracska

...a dog-day afternoon in Hungary!

Our first reception was in Bácsbokod.

From Bácsbokod to Baja, the runners of FuTeam SE have run with us all the way.

Arriving at Baja.

Tamás Vizin, the city reprezentative of Sport receives the torch.

Arrival in Vaskút

The kids of Gara joining us.

...a dog-day afternoon in Hungary...

Kids from Csátalja holding the flags.

Here we had an extremely nice reception.

...what would be Hungary without Lángos?

Children of Nagybaracska wait for the runners to arrive.

...crossing the Danube to Mohács...

Thank you Mohács and Szt. János Hotel for the hospitality.