Hungary 9 May: Mohács - Pécs

Hungary never runs short of runners...

We started our day in Mohács where a large groups of enthusiastic runners joined us.

We enjoyed the taibo performance.

Mayor József Szekó receives the torch.

The zumba team with the torch.

In Lánycsók mayor József Hadra received the torch. He is our dear friend whom we met already in 1999.

The folk dance performance was really special.

the performance of the song - We are the world - was the highlight of the day.

Heading towords Versend.

The deputy-director of the school holds the torch.

We were running in Szederkény in a river of kids.

Mayor János Hergenrőder receives the torch.


We closed the day with a football game - the Peace Run Team against Árpád Fejedelem Gimnázium.