May 10, 2013 Live from the road

Pécs - Harkány

Reported by Agadha Szekely 39.0 km

We started our last Hungarian Peace Run day at the Pécs Cityhall

Zsolt Páva, the mayor of Pécs holding the torch high.

...and hands it over to the kids

Attila Vári olympic champion receives our humble gift.

The mayor has also run with us.

We arrived at the Nevelési Központ, where a few hundred kids received our team with great enthusiasm.

One of the highlights were the teacher´s peace race.

peace tree planting

The next school we reached in Pécs was Testvérvárosok Terei Áltlános Iskola. From here all 500 kids joined the run.

Arrival at the Illyés Gyula Általános Iskola és Óvoda.

Director Valéria Lászlóné welcomes the run.

great acrobatics...

one more peace tree for the day.

torch bearer award

In Szalánta a small group of young runners received us.

Running in to Harkány.

A full orchestra played the Peace Run song.

Torch carried by
International Runners (Hungary).  
Kuladhara Cimmer, Sandro Zincarini, Veljko Antic
The torch has travelled 39.0 km from Pécs to Harkány.

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