Mei 30, 2020 Live from the road

Sudaji - Denpasar

Reported by Harita Davies, Kanyaka Arini, Putu Ekawati 120.0 km

Here is a short video showing some of the people Putu and friends distributed the packages to...

Putu has been running every day around her village, Sudaji, in the north of Bali.

Putu has been running with some of her friends and family

Putu's youngest son, Omang, filmed a recent run in the rice fields.

While running, Putu was inspired to offer food donations to 200 local villagers who have been hit hard by the recent COVID Economic situation.

Putu shared some words about her experience,
"Something happened to me during my first week running which inspired me to fund raise and supply food to the poor families around my village. I was running along the rice fields and up the hill inside the jungle. I took some rest and sat in front of a house. There I saw an old women with her daughter (her daughter is deaf, so cannot go to school because she can’t speak). Her mother was so friendly and offered me water☺️. I asked a few questions about how she was surviving with the 2 kids. She told me that her husband works as daily labourer, but since the corona virus he only work 3 times a weeks, so sometime they eat only 1 meal a day because she doesn’t have enough money. Oh my, this really touched me!...

(pictured is the path Putu ran on when she encountered the woman and her daughter)

"...When I got back home, I packed some rice and eggs and asked someone to deliver it to them.
(pictured here is the daughter receiving the food package)

The next day for no reason, one of my friends called me just say hello. We talked about the situation and somehow I ended up telling her about what had happened the day before. She was crying, and she right away sent me a donation to buy more food supplies. She also asked me to buy masks to giving free to the villagers.

Some other friends also donated money, and I am so lucky and grateful that one of our past guests donated 1500 masks for the villagers!"

Putu's oldest son, Paramananda, has also been helping out.

Putu's daughter, Dektam(on the right), also helped distribute the packages, and is pictured here with a cake she baked for Putu after she returned from her run.

This photograph was taken when the International Peace Run team visited Sudaji in November 2019, as part of the Southern Hemisphere Peace Run.
The Peace Run team has had the great fortune to visit Om Unity, a beautiful home stay run by Putu and her husband Zanzan,(who is also our dear friend and pictured in the centre), on several occasions. The two of them have organised and hosted unique, magnificent, and unforgettable events connecting the Peace Run with the whole village of Sudaji and beyond!
We are deeply grateful To have all of Putu and Zanzan's family as part of our Peace Run world family!

I feel that there shall come a time in the near future when the entire world will be inundated with peace and this world of ours will become a oneness-world-family-home.
-Sri Chinmoy

Kanyaka has also been running every day in the rice fields hear her village outside Denpasar, Bali. Along with a big international team of people running from home, she has been dedicating her miles to the 2020 North American (run-at-home) Peace Run. She has run a huge amount of miles! Last week she ran 87 miles and this week she ran 72 miles. She shared a few words with us...

Kanyaka said, "My running track in the rice field. I measured 400 meters and run and back and forth many times. Today I did 24 times to cover 6 miles. The running track was flooded after raining this afternoon and I need to be more cautious and pay extra attention to my step as it a little slippery on some part of it. But overall I enjoyed the breeze and slow running at the beginning and could speed up at the end.
I imagine of running in Navajo land this week as I need to drink lots of water when I run in the heat.
I like to sing a special song by Sri Chinmoy, it begins with the words "My Lord I run and run and run and run to make you happy...". Also before start running everyday I offer a special prayer..."

Kanyaka continued, "...For the last 4 days I was running with the blessing rain and the final run this afternoon was really pouring rain with strong wind blows. It was hard to run with the wet mask, so I only put it up to cover my nose and mouth whenever I passed by people. It was really grace that I completed 87 miles this week! A very significant number for me. It remind me of the Peace Run inauguration in 1987. I also feel the world suffering and I cry inside my heart and hope for the world to heal soon."

Torch carried by
Kanyaka Arini (Indonesia), Putu Ekawati (Indonesia).  
Kanyaka Arini, Putu Ekawati
The torch has travelled 120.0 km from Sudaji to Denpasar.

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