May 29, 2020 Live from the road


Reported by Brahmata Michael

This has been quite a unique year for the Peace Run! Since we have not been able to run our route and visit all of the communities personally, we have had to be a little more creative with ways to share the Peace Run spirit across North America! Our team of runners, made up of people of all ages and backgrounds from all around the world, have decided to work together to cover the approximately 17, 829 kilometers from their respective homes. So far, we have run the distance between New York and San Diego!

Our team continues to grow, and all are welcome to join. If you would like to run some of the kilometers of our route, please reach out to us!

Purnakama is a Peace Runner and Coordinator from Winnipeg, MB where she works as a music teacher. She decided to ask some of her students for artwork reflecting what peace means to them as part of our "Expressions of Peace" project across North America. The art that they created is charming and uplifting. We hope that this art will inspire you to reflect on what peace means to you and which things you can do to create more of these feelings in your day to day life.

All of the students are from Victoria Albert School, where Purnakama teaches. This is the school logo.

Keiran, age 9

Christine, age 9

Jocelyn, age 7

Kayden, age 7

Hannah, age 7

Ryan, age 10

John, age 9

Althena, age 7

Hannah C, age 9

Joseph, age 9

Jealiana, age 7

Thank you to everyone from Victoria Albert Elementary School who made peace art.

If you are inspired to create your own "Expressions of Peace", please do not hesitate to send them in.

"On today's child depends tomorrow's future.
We talk about perfection, but this perfection that we speak of will come only from children- from a child's heart and a child's dreams."

-Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Purnakama Rajna (Canada).  
Purnakama Rajna

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