Lithuania 5 July: Border - Kaunas

The giant basketball

Another sunny day as we start running in Lithuania.

Arunas from Lithuania (right) carries the torch.

Vidmantas Dobrovolskas (left) from Lithuania runs with Gints who is from Latvia.

There are butterflies everywhere.

There are beautiful straight tree-lined roads.

Running into Kaunas across the bridge.

In the centre of Kaunas we are greeted by Andrius Palionis from the City Council, Mindaugas Sivickas, Head of the Kaunas City Municipal Administration Sports Division and Pranas Majauskas, Director of the Lithuanian Sports Museum.

We each receive a gift bag from Kaunas.

Andrius Palionis commended the runners for their efforts.

On our way for a tour of the Sports Museum, we come across a rather large basketball.

Lithuania continues to be an excellent Basketball nation.

Three points!

10 points!

20 points!

The Director of the Lithuanian Sports Museum gives us a comprehensive tour of the museum.

Lithuania's famous boxing champion.

Peace Run boxers.


Pranas has an incredible knowledge of the history of sports in Lithuania. He himself was a weightlifter.

These 23 kilogram balls were used by a famous Lithuanian circus performer back in the 1930's. He would catch them in the nape of his neck.

Puruvaj tests his strength.

In the Lithuanian strongman contest, this concrete ball had to be lifted and placed in the flower holder several times.

Pranas receives the Torch Bearer Award for his dedicated service to Sports in Lithuania.

Arunas Kontrimas receives the Torch Bearer Award for his service to Running in Lithuania and the Baltic region.

Each runner receives a medal from the Sports Museum.