Montenegro 16 May: Berane - Rozaje

not "black", but "white" mountains

We started in Berane and the Winter came back!

Snow came down in thick flocks....

In no-time Montenegro, what means actually "Black Mountains", turned into "White Mountains"...

...we reached Rozaje and the school "Bratstvo-Jedinstvo" (what means actually "Brotherhood-Oneness") awaited us eagerly!

A packed meeting...

Thank you "Bratstvo-Jedinstvo" for the enthusiastic meeting!

The kids were on fire! A large group joined us for quite a distance!

We reached the city centre of Rozaje...

The mayor and the whole city council lined up to receive the peace torch!

Thank you Rozaje for the heartfelt welcome!

It was time to say "good bye" to Montenegro. Unfortunately we spent only two days in this beautiful country! We deeply enjoyed its hospitality and friendship!

Dovidenja Crna Gora!