United States 16 May: La Monte, MO - Kansas City, MO

A Rainy Day in Missouri

Our whole team of 11 runners from 7 different countries were able to make it to the first ceremony of the day. These are our trusty vehicles which have helped us make it this far, one month into our four month journey.

We are very grateful to the Motel 6 of Sedalia for offering a very good discount on the rooms we needed for a good night's rest. Vamshi offers a wonderful smile as everyone here was quite helpful and friendly.

As we arrived at the Knob Noster Elementary School we passed our torch to a class of younger students that was leaving on a trip.

One of the encouraging sayings which greeted us in the hallway on our way to the gymnasium.

The children waiting for us gave us a really warm welcome

About 200 children were excited about our visit there as we explained what the Peace Run was all about.

They were some of the most well behaved children we have ever visited. Here they are trying to guess the word on cards that get turned around to reveal separate letters each time they answer our questions correctly.

The kids had a lot of fun playing our guessing game and finally guessed our word, "Harmony'.

We sang the Peace Run song composed by Sri Chinmoy, the Founder of the Peace Run. We also taught them the World Harmony Run song with accompanying actions.

It was easy for these kids to be quiet for a moment of peace.

One of the teachers accepts our Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the school.

Two children receive for the whole school this colorful painting by Sri Chinmoy.

Sharing the torch in oneness.

The children got a huge kick out of seeing the teachers run around the gym with the Peace Torch.

On the road again as we head towards Kansas City.

After a solid day of running in the rain, we stopped to meet with some excited kids that were at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City.

They had prepared for our arrival by making amazing works of art.

These enthusiastic volunteers held our banner for us as we only were able to have four runners visit this great facility.

These were really colorful crayon and pencil drawings done by some of the students. We treaure these special gifts.

Everyone had a chance to hold the torch before we left. The children get to pass the torch to one another as they think of something positive and helpful to pass on to their friends.

The counselors all joined in with us and the children after their laps around the gym with the torch. We are expecially grateful to Tyron Moore, Unit Director, and Trevon Diamond, Program Director, for helping to arrange this wonderful event with our coordinator, Rupasi.

Back on the road, the women's team were trying to keep dry despite the constant light rain.

We were met by a wall of creativity and positive energy at the Border Star elementary school.

The students were delightful and their enthusiasm gave us a real shot in the arm.

As always we really enjoy meeting Montessori students. Thank you for the great welcome.

These two kids couldn't stop smiling and enjoyed meeting the team.

This was a transfer student from Hungary. He had some trouble fitting into the seats here.

In gratitude we donated a colorful artwork print by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run.

After a long and wet day we were so grateful to the Cafe Gratitude for offering us a complimentary meal in the evening. The place has such a fantastic selection of fresh and creative dishes, and each item is named with a positive affirmation. Plus the staff are sincerely friendly, positive and helpful.

According to the owners: "Café Gratitude is a collection of 100% organic plant-based restaurants specializing in gourmet cuisines. We strive to create a menu and environment that supports health and sustainability for both our community and the planet. We practice business through a term we call “Sacred Commerce”, where we provide inspired service, honest and transparent communication, and express gratitude for the richness of our lives."
Many thanks to the management and staff for making us feel so special. GRATITUDE!!!!!!

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