United States 15 May: Eldon, Missouri - Sedalia, Missouri

Inspiring Church visit.

The Peace Run team started Sunday with a ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Jefferson City. Salil, Peace Run Executive Director, was warmly welcomed by Betty Cooper, one of the Church members.

Inspiring Unitarian Universalism Church values were on display.

A large, beautiful embroidered cloth decorated the entranceway to the Church.

The team performed the Peace Run and World Harmony Run songs.

A video of world wide Peace Run activiites was shown.

Laura Gilkey accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the Peace Run Team.

The artwork "Peace is Precious", by Sri Chinmoy, was also presented to the Church and is held here by Pat.

A group photo.

Adam Pressler from KOMU in Jefferson City interviewed some of the team outside the Church.

Adam holds the Torch.

After the ceremony, the team ran along Route 50 towards Sedalia. Atul from India is shown here.

Route 50 was busier than we expected for a Sunday. The route varied between narrow and steep verges to wider and flatter roadsides. Drivers were very supportive and encouraging towards us.

Sarankhuu from Mongolia.

Sarankhuu is making a documentary about the North American Peace Run.

Puroga from Hungary.

Lucie from the Californian Democrat newspaper stopped to interview the mens team and hold the Peace Torch. She is shown here with a local law enforcement officer.

Arpan from New York.


Tavishi was the first woman to start running today. She made sure that the road was clear before stepping out.

Saranyu practises the harmonica while waiting for a runner.

Akbota from Kazakhstan enjoyed the perfect weather today.

Saranyu refills the torch and gets ready to run.

We sometimes share the road with farm machinery.

The RV Team prepared lunch today.

Wildflowers along the side of the road.

Akbota greeting a runner with the Peace Run flag.

Zuzana from Czech Republic.

Blowing out the Peace Torch after a running stint.

The team reached Sedalia in the afternoon.

Tavishi and Akbhota brought the Peace Torch into Sedalia together.

Cleaning one of the vans at the end of the day.

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