Mar. 23, 2022 Live from the road

Puerto Escondido

Reported by Lohita González Ávila

We visited the First Lights Primary School, with 150 children and 18 teachers. Thank you to Headteacher Professor Marcelo Ramirez Contreras, Substitute Headteacher Professor Maria Guadalupe Arellano Jiménez and particularly our school Peace Run Coordinator Mrs. Yesenia Cortez Ioeza for hosting us!

All children were holding doves made of white pasteboard that seemed to fly around when the children were moving.

Children ran with the Peace Torch in groups. Teachers also ran with the Peace Torch twice around the schoolyard / court.

Los niños corrieron con la Antorcha de Paz en grupos. Los maestros corrieron también con la Antorcha de Paz dos veces alrededor de la cancha.

All teachers were gifted with a Peace Run tshirt by Nishachari.

Todos los maestros recibieron de Nishachari una playera de la Peace Run.

Todor ran with the children.

Todor corriendo con los niños.

The highlight of the event: we all together meditated for peace with closed eyes and our hands on the chest. The team were also offered fruits and water by the teachers. Nuestro equipo recibió frutas y agua por parte de los maestros.

El momento culminante del evento fue hermoso, cuando todos juntos meditamos por la paz con los ojos cerrados y nuestras manos sobre el pecho.

We were asked to come back with our international Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run - we really hope we can come back soon!

Torch carried by
Lohita González Ávila (Mexico), Nishachari Sánchez Romero (Mexico), Todor Angelov (Bulgaria).  
Nishachari Sánchez Romero

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