Mar. 18, 2022 Live from the road

Puerto Escondido

Reported by Lohita González Ávila

We visited the Justo Sierra primary school which has around 200 children and 30 teachers. We are very grateful to the headteacher Professor Luis Hernández López, and also the Physical Fitness teacher: Roel Pineda Vásquez, who organized our Peace Run visit!

Children ran with the Torch for peace with their teachers.

A meditation was held - everyone with their right hands on the chest and closed eyes meditated for world peace. Each teacher got a tshirt.

The other teachers organized paintings for peace in each class.

The headteacher thanked our team for having brought such an important event to this city.

All children made paintings for peace, and the exhibit is now displayed there in the school for all to see.

Our Bulgarian visitor, Todor, with the children

It was a most beautiful Peace Run experience. Everybody had much oneness, happiness and love for our event.

Torch carried by
Lohita González Ávila (Mexico), Nishachari Sánchez Romero (Mexico), Todor Angelov (Bulgaria).  
Nishachari Sánchez Romero

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