Eternal Flame

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Permanent Installation

On June 27, 2013 the Peace Flame, along with companiopn sculpture of Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy, was installed at the famous tourist destination Holmenkollen overlooking the beatiful city of Oslo.

In 2002, the Eternal Peace Flame was installed at Aker Brygge, a complex on the Oslo Harbor frequented by hundreds of thousands of people each year. A landmark on the port, the Eternal Peace Flame burns brightly and serves as a beacon of light and inspiration.

Eternal Peace Flame Dedication

In 2001 a signal monument for goodwill and international cooperation was dedicated at the Pier of Honor by World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy. This temporary installation was witnessed by more than 1500 persons including Ambassadors, National Politicians, Luminaries and Athletes.

The Eternal Peace Flame at Twilight

The Eternal Peace Flame was initially installed as a temporary donation to the city of Oslo from Sri Chinmoy. The original location was at the Pier of Honor, which is the pier of the King of Norway. This unique location had a 180 degree view of Oslo's magnificent harbor.

The Eternal Peace Flame at Dawn

The Eternal Peace Flame was visited at its original location by thousands of people each day. A special registry was affixed to the flame's base in which hundreds of people from dozens of nation expressed through word their aspiration for peace. A number of persons voiced their most resounding appreciation of Oslo for displaying a piece of art as inspiring as the Eternal Peace Flame.

The Flame Burns Bright in All Seasons

The Eternal Peace Flame is a striking engineering marvel with numerous state-of-the-art controls enabling it to stay alight even during the most inclement weather. Here the Flame is pictured during a normal frigid Norwegian winter's day.

Sri Chinmoy Visits the Flame

In 2003, Sri Chinmoy visited the Flame at its new location at Aker Brygge for the first time. He gave an inspired impromptu concert at the Flame on his flute which happened to be with him in his car.

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