Norway 3 August: Oldefjord - Alta


An another beautiful day in the Peace Run

Niharika's smile can change the weather anytime

Lilu wandering how the torch works

Udayachal peacefully killing the hill

Anne got lost

Family from Barcelona was having a perfect summerday in Norway

Little stretching makes running easier

Danish visitors

Representative from Alta Tine Klevstad receiving officially the peace torch

Tine Klevstad

Gottshchalk Daniel 2022 winner North Cape 4000 who just finished 2 days ago. Big congratulations.

New founders for the European Peace Ride 2022.

Alta Cathedral of the Northern Lights

Tine Klevstad receiving a gift from Iiris Nuuja

Ultra sport enthusiastics

The Peace Run team with the Alta representatives

Norway organisers, thank you for the great experience.
Especially Shinja Beate Moeller on the right, who has been organising beautiful meetings.