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Since 1987, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run (called World Harmony Run between 2005  and 2012) has carried the Peace Torch also to many Portuguese speaking countries around the world, spreading the message of harmony, friendship and peace in our world family.

Portuguese speaking countries will also be part of the Global Southern Hemisphere Peace Run of 2019.

Here a video of the Peace Run 2015 in Cabo Verde:

Pls. see the "Live on the Road"-reports on the respective country pages (to be updated):



Cape Verde


Portugal 2005-2012 (World Harmony Run)


Mozambique 2008 (World Harmony Run)

São Tomé and Principe

Timor-Leste /East Timor

Timor-Leste 2013 (World Harmony Run)


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