juli 24, 2018 Live from the road

Enköping - Arboga

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 99.0 km

Peppino tries on a new hat to shade himself from the scorching sun!

Peteris shows his vertical virtuosity.

Today the temperature reaches 34 degrees Centigrade. This is officially the hottest Swedish summer for 300 years.

Grahak takes refuge in a tree.

In the town of Enköping, we are welcomed by the director of the art gallery.

Enköping welcomes it's citizens to exhibit art at this time of the year.

Emma from the local council holds the torch.

It is hotter in Sweden today than Puglia in South Italy, Rio in Brazil and Bali in Indonesia!

Stop? We can't. We still have many kilometres to cover. Sweden is a big country.

Running into Västerås.

City councilors are outside City Hall to greet us.

Lenny Hallgren is the Director of the Council and loves running.

Anna Hard af Segerstad, local politician and director of Athletics.

Johannes Wretljung Persson - City Councilor.

Tony Lyndon, local councilor.

Ana's dog - who also likes to run.

Thank you to Lenny Hallgren and his fellow councilors for greeting us and sharing their support for the Peace Run.

We offer them a Jharna Kala painting.

Johannes does a live stream interviewing Grahak.

Ana Hard af Segerstad leads us to the local swimming beach.

Thank you to Jack Jansson and his staff at Rasta Restaurant for offering us a generous meal.

Torch carried by
Anita Costa (Portugal), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Drsalu Grünstäudl (Austria), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Nabhanya Schedemann (Germany), Peteris Seso (Latvia), Raquel Pina (Portugal), Samunnati Natalia Lehonkova (Ukraine), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia).  
Anita Costa
The torch has travelled 99.0 km from Enköping to Arboga.

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