Sweden 25 July: Arboga - Filipstad

Tall Trees and Bright Sun

Another day of soaring temperatures across Europe!

Anita is celebrating her 26th birthday today.

Peppino is flying today.

There are several lakes in this part of Sweden. Great for cooling off after a run in the sun.

Take your seats please ....

After a swim Peppino doesn't want to get the seats wet ....

Catrin is coordinating our visit to Filipstad.

In the centre of Filipstad we are welcomed by the MC and Åsa Hååkman Felth, first chairman of the board for Filipstad.

We are presented these and some other goodies by the city.

Each year an Ambassador is elected for the city. The newly elected Ambassador (left) holds the torch with Åsa.

Phillipa and Simon run a Bed and Breakfast - they are kindly offering us an evening meal.

Phillipa also teaches Yoga.

Thank you for a great Indian meal.

We sing 2 of sri Chinmoy's songs for Philippa and Simon. Simon is a runner and is interested in Mindfulness running.

Anita gets a birthday cake.

A beautiful sunset to complete a wonderful day of running for Peace.