Canada 24 July: Kingston, ON - Perth, ON

Forest Bathing

Thank you to the St. Lawrence College for hosting the men's team!

Ready for a morning run through Kingston.

Lake Ontario is very vast and beautiful. We've been running for two days and are still at the same lake.

In the center of Kingston many locals gathered to welcome the Peace Run. Banshidhar gave an introduction after which we sang the Peace Run Song, composed by the Founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Three Kingston locals were awarded the Torch-Bearer award for their selfless, dedicated service to enrich their community.

The first award went to the organization "Peace Quest Kingston". They seek to raise awarenes of the tragedies of the "Great War" and emphasize the need for peace.

Al Cantlay, Director of the "Kingston Road Runners Association" and the owner of "Runners Choice" sports store also received the award. For more than 30 years he has been serving the running community and setting a shining example by selflessly helping others to achieve their own potential.

Bonnie Golomb, founder and editor of "Profile Kingston", received the Torch-Bearer Award. Among other things in her magazine she writes about locals and introduces them to the rest of Kingston, thereby connecting the city closer together.

Linda makes a wish for peace.

Rita Sue Bolton was offering free signs with a special message of tolerance in five different languages.

Hladini, our local Coordinator holds the torch with Paramita and Anavi at City Hall. Thank you for arranging an unforgettable Kingston-experience, with great food, swimming, many children and ceremonies!

Running towards Perth, ON.

We met this super friendly father and son on the side of the road selling their own vegetables. They very kindly gave us a bag of freshly picked snow peas- yum and thank you!

Runners arrive at Maple Key Day Camp.

The kids spontaneosly sang a fun song.

In a game, the children tried to guess the runner's nationality and point to the country on a huge map. This boy foud Hawaii. Well done!

After relocating into a barn beacause of the rain, everyone took a minute for a peace exercise.

Ron received a Certificate of Appreciation.

Holding the torch is an opportunity to make a heart-felt wish for peace.

There was a final run to get to our final destination.

We were thrilled and delighted to be invited to the home and garden of Irish Botanist and Medical Biochemist Diana Beresford Kroeger. Here she is welcoming the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run together with her husband.

We shared stories and songs in the cozy atmosphere of their home. Diana, an eminent enviromentalist, has boundless energy and passion. She has published many books and films and has been a keynote speaker all around the world on the importance of trees in maintaining and restoring balance to the ecological system. Her knowledge of nature is immense. She is working with different countries to set up edible forests and gardens that help children with anxiety as well as cultivating enandangered species of trees around her house - the list goes on and on.

For her tireless service to Mother Nature and being a driving force for spreading the knowledge of the power of trees and bringing it into people's awareness, Diana Beresford Kroeger received the Torch Bearer Award.

Coincidentally the Peace Run visited the day before her birthday and presented Diana with an Apple Strudel and some small gifts.

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. We were honoured to be in your home and garden!

A long day finds its end at Mal's Camping, near Perth. Mal has hosted the Peace Run in the past! We are very grateful to you!