June 1, 2015 Live from the road

Commonwealth Ave West, Singapore - Bouna Vista, Singapore

Reported by Urdhacheta Yap 21.0 km

In honour of Lord Buddha's birthday, Enlightenment and death, I did a peace run today . As I ran, I tried to invoke Lord Buddha's blessings for the world.

To me, the Peace Run is a journey of prayer for peace. Every step I take and every breath I inhale, I try to remain as silent, as peaceful and as prayerful, as possible. I feel that the light from the flame of peace torch is radiating my wishes into the world, transforming darkness and illumining life as it goes.

It's a very sublime and contemplative experience.

As Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence this year, I am dedicating 5 cycles of 'round-the-island' runs to peace, throughout the year. So far, I have completed two and half cycles. It's very refreshing to enjoy the different sights of Singapore on foot.

It is always fascinating to observe how people respond to my running with a flaming peace torch. Some frown while others pretend they didn't see a thing or just too engrossed in their gadgets to notice anything. Then there are those who smile, clap, say something encouraging, gave their thumbs up, had their smart phones ready to take pictures or videos and some drivers honked.

At the end of the day, I wish people will feel inspired by the peace flame to smile with a feeling of inner glow of hope and happiness.

I like to end this note with 3 poems by Peace Run Founder, Sri Chinmoy :

A moment's Peace

“A moment's truth, can and shall make the world beautiful.

A moment's peace, can and shall save the world.

A moment's love, can and shall make the world perfect.”

I Came

Into the world of beauty’s flame,

Into the world of offering’s game,

Into the world of lustre flood,

I came, I came, my existence came.

The Pilgrims of the Lord Supreme

We are the Pilgrims of the Lord Supreme

On the Path of Infinity.

At this time we have broken asunder

Obstruction’s door.

We have broken asunder the night

Of tenebrous darkness, inconscience

And the eternal, indomitable fear of death.

The Boat of the supernal Light’s Dawn

Is beckoning us,

And the World Pilot

Of the hallowed bond of Love Divine

Is beckoning us.

The Liberator’s Hands are drawing us

To the Ocean of the great Unknown.

Having conquered the life breath

Of the Land of Immortality,

And carrying aloft the Banner

Of the Lord Supreme,

We shall return:

We, the drops and flames

Of Transformation Light.

Torch carried by
Urdhacheta Yap (Singapore).  
Udar Robinson
The torch has travelled 21.0 km from Commonwealth Ave West, Singapore to Bouna Vista, Singapore.

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