Junij 11, 2015 Live from the road


Reported by Dipavajan Renner 3.0 km

Once again we returned to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to attend two special meetings:

...our first meeting brought us to the residence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Miro Cerar.

...getting ready...

Dr. Cerar arrived and shook the hands of all team members...

Dipavajan Renner, European Coordinator of the Peace Run, presented the Run...

...and officially handed over the torch to the Prime Minister.

Dr. Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of Slovenia

Dr. Cerar expressed his heartfelt wishes for a peaceful world

We offered a painting by the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy as well as our certificate of appreciation.

It was time to say good bye.

We deeply cherish this heartfelt meeting. Thank you for the inspiring experience!

Also the members of the PM's office took the oportunity to take a picture with the torch...

...strolling through Ljubljana, as we had some time until our next appointment...

...Guatemala versus Italy...

...one of our "on the road" highlights: a bakery!

...we visited friends...

...where we met one of our Slovenian team members, Purupriya. This time without the "uniform"!

Our next meeting brought us to an old friend of the Peace Run: Dr. Danilo Türk, former President of the Republic of Slovenia. He received the Peace Run twice in his residence during his term as President.

Dr. Danilo Türk retired in 2012 from the presidency. We met him at the university in his office where he teaches law...

...we presented a gift to Dr. Türk: a special edition of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna Kala paintings.

Thank you for the kind meeting!

Good bye Slovenia! A small country with a tremendous heart!

Torch carried by
Chanakhya Jakovic (Great Britain), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Janko Fürbas (Slovenia), Mahakulina Obersnel (Slovenia), Narmadyuti Ridzi (Slovenia), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Patricia Daxner (Germany), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Vettri Angel (Guatemala), Vladyslav Bilokryl (Ukraine), Waltraud Schmölzer (Austria).  
Dipavajan Renner, Paramanyu Lebedev
The torch has travelled 3.0 km in Ljubljana.

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