Tuvalu 30 March: Funafuti

Farewell to Tuvalu

This morning we had to depart the beautiful island nation of Tuvalu. To say the country and its people have touched our hearts is an understatement. We feel honoured and blessed to have been given the opportunity to carry the Peace Torch to Tuvalu and be a part of Tuvalu Peace Run 2019.

In preparation for our flight the fuel in the torch needed to be burned off, so we took it for a walk around Funafuti and along our way met so many lovely people who came up to hold the torch and offer their good wishes.

When walking on the beach Jasmine and her friend came up to hold the torch and became the Peace Run torch bearers for the morning, taking us through some local areas and allowing the warmth and beauty of Tuvalu to be embedded deep into the Peace Torch.

Some young boys were keen to help with our country to county video project.

Tala, who helped us so much yesterday, came to see us off. He gave each of us a traditional shell garland.

After checking in we waited at our accommodation which is right on the runway. Soon after sitting down the sirens were heard, letting everyone know a plane was to arrive and all the roads over the runway are closed until the plane takes off. The fire truck placed itself right in the middle of the runway as a sure sign to anyone approaching that they needed to turn back.

Tuvalu then gives us one final blessing: a heavy downpour to send us on our way.