New Zealand 29 March: Bluff - Stewart Island

The Last Day of our Fabulous Journey Through NZ.

Bluff and Stewart Island

Sunrise over Stirling Point - our final South Island destination.

The Peace Torch arrives at Bluff with the hopes and dreams for a brighter future for humanity from all the people the Peace Run have met along the length of New Zealand.

A poignant moment with a happy team.

Our last school visit on the mainland is Bluff School.

"I can see the end of the South Island from my house! It's here in Bluff"

In our skit Nurari hurts her ankle and gets a free ride through Bluff. Teamwork!

The students running together with the torch.

Open arms and big smiles!

Many thanks to Stewart Island Experience who give us a generous discount to Stewart Island.

The skipper comments that it is an unusually calm crossing of the Foveaux Strait. A blissful journey.

We visit our very last school, Halfmoon Bay School. What fun!

This student guesses our countries of origin with uncanny speed.

A quiet moment.

We all have lunch together and share stories.

Helping the 'new kid' get used to her rollerblades.

Jim tries to spin this memento from a bygone era.

Our trip to Ulva Island captures our imagination as we wonder at nature's charms. Starfish are visible in the clear shallows from the jetty at Golden Bay.

Ulva Island Ferry are so kind to gift the team rides to and from Ulva. It is a treat to go to this untouched paradise that lays in wait...

Thank-you to the skipper of Ulva Island Ferry.

Pristine Ulva Island.

A kaka.

Our return journey on the Southern Express. The skipper is flanked by the 'crew'. In fact the real crew are very helpful and friendly, even providing tea and coffee.

Our gratitude to all the people we have met along our great journey in New Zealand; for all their generosity of spirit and aspiration for a more peaceful world.